Art is Forever

 CFLOW is the NFT platform of choice for artists in Latin America. We use both Ethereum and Polygon networks for the creation and trading of Paintings, Artisany, Floral Arrangements, Crafts, Photography and Digital Art. We are connecting artists, and their ispritational stories, to the NFT world.

Total Supply 100,000,000 Tokens


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Art > Blockchain > NFT

Crypto Flower

Core Features

Real Art in the Blockchain

Countries will be able to promote their culture, art, and tourism through our platform.

Safe & Secure

Blockchains provides the best security

Share Anywhere

Share your Flower NFT to any of your social media accounts.

Universal Access

Access your NFTs from any Desktop, Laptop, Mobile.

Decentralizing the Florist Industry

A Marketplace to easily Create and Transact Floral NFTs

CFLOW was created with the end-user in mind. With a user friendly very easy to use platform we can provide access to the blockchain to every person with an internet conection.

  • Secure transfers with verified Florists.
  • Easily buy and sell CFLOW within the wallet
  • Buy/Sell as many NFTs as you want within your wallet

Detailed Statistics

Token Distribution Breakdown

The tokenomics where carefully analized to sustain the ecosystem for the long run.

41 MillionSold to Public (41%)
39 Million - LockedTreasury (39%)  Marketing / Development
20 Million - LockedTeam and Founders (20%)

Special Features

What makes a CFLOW NFT so special?

CFLOW is the first to bring Floral Arrangements to the blockchain by connecting Florist Shops to consumers.

  • NFT never loses value
  • Unlockable content for special messages
  • Holographic versions of CFLO NFT
  • Shareable anywhere in the web
  • Easy and fast transactions

Business Roadmap

Disrupting the Floral Industry

ChainFlowers is here to change your perception of Flowers

  1. Q2 2021

    Concept Creation Whitepaper   CFLO Token Launch
  2. Staking and Rewards Portal

    Q3 - 2021

  3. Q3 to Q4 - 2021

    CFLO Web Application Stage 1
  4. Q4 - 2021

    CFLO Web Application Stage 2 - Payment Gateway for non-crypto users
  5. Q1 - 2022

    Merchants Accounts deployment
  6. Q2 - 2022

    CFLO Platform Stage 3 - Mobile App Development
  7. Q4  - 2022

    CFLO Platform Stage 4 - Commercial Set up

Our Team

We have one goal!

Bring Art to the Blockchain.

Our Core Team

Our Advisors


Your questions. Answered.

Find the answers of the most common questions. The list will be updated as it grows.

ChainFlowers is an Ethereum base platform for creation and trading of Floral Arrangements NFTs. Users wil be able to buy and sell their physical floral creation.

No. The max total supply is 100 million tokens, which means it will not increase ever.

Anyone that wants to give, buy or sell a Floral NFT. ChainFlowers aims to become the bridge between floral arrangement creators and buyers / collectors.

Yes, is actually part of our plans to help Florists participate in the platform. This will allow Florist shops to access a global market, at no operating cost to them besides the 3% fee for using the platform.

The technology to digitise physical art creations. We will integrate and adapt the technology to build a user friendly platform to allow anyone with no technological skills develop their own NFTs.

A CFLO NFT is the digital version of a physical floral arrangement. One of the main advantages is that a CFLO NFT never dies, compared to physical flowers that die in a couple of days.

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